The expression "introductory price" is subjective. Prices, as well as all sorts of expenses, are not “introductory” if you don’t get value for your investment. We keep everything within your budget.

Websites from scratch

Websites from scratch
Prices Date/time range
Landing page 3 weeks
Online Business Card
It’s a small website, consisting of one (or several) web pages and containing basic information about an organization, individual, company, products or services, price lists, and contact information.
2 weeks
Corporate Site
Website of the company (organization). Usually, corporate websites contain detailed information about the company: a description of services, products, and open vacancies. As a rule, a corporate website differs from a business card site in that it has a more complex information architecture, the presence of a content management system, and the company's corporate identity. This is a full-fledged representation of the company on the Internet and an effective tool for attracting and retaining new customers.
3 weeks
Site Catalogue
A catalog site is a site that contains complete information about a company plus an electronic catalog of its services and products. Site visitors can view price lists and descriptions of products and services, view photos, and contact the company to make a purchase. Such a site can increase the number of sales by providing access to complete information about products and services to consumers who are geographically distant from the manufacturer.
One month
Internet Store
One month
Redesign/Rebuilding of Existing Website 3 weeks
Websites from scratch 2 weeks
Website Coding and Programming 2 weeks
Creating content for website One day

Internet promotion

Internet promotion
Prices Date/time range
Promotion with Google 12 month
Promotion with Bing, Yandex 12 month
Setting Up and Maintaining Google Adwords Per month
Setting Up and Maintaining Yandex Direct Per month

Corporate Style

Corporate Style
Prices Date/time range
Logo creation 2 weeks
Business card One week
Corporate Style: From Scratch to Polished Presentation Month


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